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International Mother Language Day Paragraph | pdf for All Class 

International Mother Language Day, observed on February 21st, is a day dedicated to advocating for the conservation and safeguarding of all languages. The selection of this particular day was made in order to honor the individuals who lost their lives during the Bengali Language Movement of 1952.  

International Mother Language Day Paragraph | for all class (100 Word)

Every year on February 21st, the world observes International Mother Language Day to honor linguistic diversity and the value of mother tongue preservation. This day, which was designated by UNESCO in 1999, commemorates the Language Movement of 1952 in Bangladesh, during which students rebelled against Urdu’s imposition as the only official language and made sacrifices in order for Bengali to be recognized. International Mother Language Day urges people all around the world to celebrate their mother tongues and to become bilingual. It draws attention to how important languages are for maintaining cultural variety, advancing communication, and safeguarding the past. This day upholds people’s fundamental right to use and preserve their native tongues, enhancing the diversity of human culture by acknowledging the importance of mother tongues. In order to ensure that all languages can live and prosper, International Mother Language Day serves as a poignant reminder of the value of linguistic diversity and the necessity of preventing language extinction.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph_ for all Class (100 Word)

International Mother Language Day Paragraph | for all class (200 Word)

The people of Bangladesh are particularly fond of February 21st because it marks the anniversary of the historic Language Movement of 1952. On this day, students and activists fearlessly demonstrated against the Pakistani government’s imposition of Urdu as the only official language of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The movement came to an end tragically when a number of protestors who were in favor of Bengali being recognized as the official language were killed. Bengali was officially recognized as Bangladesh’s official language after a fierce battle for linguistic and cultural rights was sparked by the sacrifices made on that sad day. Today, February 21 is observed globally as International Mother Language Day, a time to celebrate the variety of languages spoken around the world and the value of maintaining linguistic heritage. By recognizing the value of mother tongues, this day promotes the diversity of human culture by upholding people’s inherent right to use and retain their original tongues.  It acts as a moving reminder of the sacrifices made by the language martyrs as well as the Bangladeshi people’s lasting spirit of solidarity and resiliency.

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International Mother Language Day Paragraph_ for all Class (200 Word)

International Mother Language Day Paragraph | for all class (300 Word)

Every year on February 21st, Bengali-speaking regions such as Bangladesh and West Bengal celebrate International Mother Language Day, a unique occasion. On November 17, 1999, the United Nations declared this day to be a celebration of linguistic diversity and the anniversary of the language movement in Bangladesh. This day’s history dates back to February 21, 1952, when a group of young students in Dhaka staged demonstrations in favor of Bengali being acknowledged as East Pakistan’s official language. Sadly, a number of students died in altercations with the police. Among the martyrs are notable individuals such as Barkat, Jabbar, Shafiur, Salam, and Rafiq. Since then, Bangladesh has celebrated February 21st as National Martyrs’ Day every year. Traditionally, the celebration involves events at Dhaka University’s Central Shaheed Minar, where dignitaries like the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet members, and leaders from other industries pay their tributes to the martyrs. Two expats from Bengal, Rafiqul Islam and Abdus Salam, suggested to the UN in 1998 that February 21st be designated as International Mother Language Day. 188 nations supported this idea at the November 17, 1999, UNESCO session in Paris. Thus, on February 21, 2000, the 21st of February was declared International Mother Language Day. Since then, nations all around the world have observed this day to commemorate mother languages and foster linguistic variety.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph_ for all Class (300 Word)

International Mother Language Day Paragraph | for all class (400 Word)

The mother tongue is the language that members of a nation use to communicate constantly and to express their ideas and thoughts. The nation’s population speaks Bengali as their mother tongue. The history of the language is lengthy. To make this language their mother tongue, millions of individuals have given their lives. On February 21st, the language was proclaimed the national one. The success has a rich history, which fills us with pride. People in our nation have suffered as a result of Pakistan’s language discrimination. For Bengalis, it’s a highly important day. It has been proclaimed a national holiday for the citizens of our nation. Bengalis have made many sacrifices in order for Bangla to become their mother tongue. For this day, one of our well-known singers wrote a song called “Amar vhai er rokteranganoekhushey February.” Every year on February 21st, the folks sing this song in the morning. It’s our nation’s traditional song. Singing this hymn, people make their way to Shahid Minar. Every February 21st, the government plans demonstrations. Every social class participates in the marches and celebrates the day. Individuals pay reverence to the martyrs. On this day, people get up unusually early in the morning. On this day, a seminar is organized. The nation takes great pride in February 21st. The nation’s citizens are now acknowledged as the bravest in the world on this day. The day is respectfully observed throughout the entire country. Bengali was designated as the international mother tongue day by UNESCO in 1997. This day is recognized as International Mother Language Day by people all around the world. People commemorate this day all around the world, not only in Bangladesh. Everywhere in the world, people plan various events for this day.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph_ for all Class (400 Word)

International Mother Language Day Paragraph | for all class (500 Word)

Every country can be proud of some of its accomplishments. Our national celebration and accomplishment is our language day. However, we are proud that this national event has transcended national boundaries and gained international recognition. The world community honors our language movement and the valiant sacrifices made by the language martyrs on International Mother Language Day. Since its acknowledgment, International Mother Language Day is honored on a global scale in honor of our language. Language Day is held on February 21st. The demonstrations and activities that took place between 1948 and 1952 came to an end on this day. Following Pakistan’s independence, the ruling class in West Pakistan adopted Urdu as the official language of the country in 1948 and forced it upon the majority Bangla-speaking populace. Furthermore, they rejected the Bangali community’s desire that Bangla be acknowledged as the official state language. Protests against the imposition of Urdu and in favor of Bangla’s designation as Pakistan’s official language broke out throughout East Pakistan in 1952. As the protest gained momentum, section 1 was applied nationwide by the ruling class. However, the police opened fire on the procession after students, politicians, and the general public organized a demonstration in the Dhaka University area, violating section 144. Consequently, Shafiq, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat, and Rafiq all became martyrs. Bangla was at last acknowledged as the official state language. Ever since, the nation has marked the day with appropriate solemnity and respect.

The United Nations (UN) specialized agency UNESCO acknowledged our language movement and the Martyrs’ sacrifices on November 17, 1999. They announced that the day would be globally observed by UNESCO. International Mother Language Day has been celebrated globally since 2000. The international community’s commemoration of the day and UNESCO’s recognition have elevated the sacrifices made by our language martyrs and enhanced our sense of national pride. UNESCO’s recognition of our language day has given it worldwide recognition.

It is extremely important that our language day is recognized and that the day is declared to be observed globally. The acknowledgment of UNESCO goes beyond merely acknowledging our language movement; it also affirms that every race and nation has the inalienable right to speak in their native tongue. The declaration added that maintaining linguistic diversity is essential to preserving cultural identity and distinctiveness and that this acknowledgment will aid in the preservation of all languages spoken around the world.

In our nation, February 21st has been recognized as Language Day since 1952. In remembrance of our victims and their sacrifices, we honor the brave individuals who gave their life to defend our native speech. In their honor, we have built memorials, called Shahid Minar, and on February 21 we offer wreaths made of flowers and observe a day of silence.

But there are other reasons why February 21st is important to remember. The seed of our liberation war is being sown. Furthermore, the language movement teaches us that we must rise up to defend our rights and claim our rightful place in the world. It teaches us to resist giving in to injustice. It also motivates us to give up our most prized possessions in order to advance the nation. Thus, International Mother Language Day has enormous significance.

We are the only country in the world that gives its life in defense of its native speech. The wonderful celebration of International Mother Language Day honors our heritage and accomplishments. The significance of linguistic identity and diversity is underscored by International Mother Language Day. We are quite proud of what we have accomplished, which has gained recognition throughout the world.

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International Mother Language Day Paragraph_ for all Class (500 Word)

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