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metro rail paragraph | pdf for All Class 

metro rail paragraph | pdf for All Class

Metro Rail, our dream project, has now come true. Millions of people are using it, avoiding the horrible traffic jams of Dhaka. Here are some paragraphs for students of different grades and competitive job exams. 

metro rail pragraph | for all classes (100 Words)

The fastest and easiest means of communication in Bangladesh is Metrorail. According to the researchers, it will reduce the traffic problem in Dhaka. Dhaka is one of the most populous megacities in the world. So, the metro rail project is a breakthrough step to solve the city’s traffic problem. In many developed countries, metro rails are already in operation. In 2012, the government took up the metro rail construction project to reduce the traffic problems in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The Metrorail project is vital for the people of Dhaka. Dhaka Metrorail system can be abbreviated as MRT for Mass Rapid Transport. It is a fast, convenient, comfortable city-centric transport.  

metro rail pragraph | for all classes (200 Words)

Metrorail is a modern system similar to the old railway system but with many more advantages. It is the transport network for city dwellers. It is built when the amount of traffic in a city increases. For example, a town in our country, Dhaka, has recently constructed a metro rail. Because of severe traffic jams in Dhaka, people’s lives have become miserable. It takes a few hours to go from one end to the other. It was initially designed as a solution to the traffic congestion problem. Due to its use, Dhaka’s traffic congestion problem has been dramatically reduced. Metrorails are of three types. Namely: Underground Metro, Aerial Metro, and Mixed Metro. Underground, it runs through underground tunnels, flyover metro runs through flyovers, and mixed metro runs through underground and flyovers. The metro rail that has been built in Dhaka city is Udal Metrorail. Dhaka city faces severe traffic jams during office hours and after the afternoon. City dwellers have to spend hours on the streets. Since its launch, Dhaka residents can move from one end to another in just a few minutes. Apart from Bangladesh, it operates in 62 countries of the world. The Dhaka Metrorail project uses Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited to decongest traffic. It can handle the suffering and traffic pressure of about one and a half million people in Dhaka. It is moving regularly in the capital. The eyes of hundreds of people stopped for a while to watch the sight as the ultra-modern traveled over the railway tracks laid on Udal Road. It runs on electricity. So there is no possibility of environmental pollution by Metrorail, so it can be called an eco-friendly vehicle. 

metro rail pragraph | for all classes (300 Words)

Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a significant traffic congestion problem. To overcome this problem, the government has taken many steps, and launching a metro rail system is one of them. The Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project is an initiative to build a modern, integrated public transport system in the capital city of Bangladesh. The Metrorail project is expected to serve as an efficient and reliable mode of transport for the growing population of Dhaka city. The metro rail system will connect Uttara in the northern part of Dhaka with Motijheel, the commercial hub in the southern part of the city. This route will be about 20 km long and will be elevated. Metrorail will provide a faster mode of transportation for the city residents who are currently struggling with increasing traffic problems. The project is also expected to reduce air pollution, as many people will switch from cars to Metrorail. Trains for the Metrorail system will be imported from Japan, and the system will use an automatic train control system to ensure passenger safety and convenience. The trains will run at a frequency of two to three minutes during peak hours, and each train will have a capacity of around 2,000 passengers. The estimated travel time from Uttara to Motijheel is about 35 minutes, much less than the current travel time by road. The Metrorail system is also expected to impact the country’s economy significantly. It will directly and indirectly provide employment opportunities to thousands of people. The project will also help the government generate revenue through ticket sales and contribute to developing local businesses in the areas connected by the Metrorail. The Metrorail system is a vital step to solve Dhaka’s traffic problem. The city is a much-needed initiative that will provide a reliable and efficient transport system to the people. The project will not only benefit the city’s residents but also contribute to the country’s economic development. With the proper implementation of the project, the Metrorail system is expected to become a game-changer for the transport sector in Bangladesh.

metro rail pragraph | for all classes (400 Words)

Metrorail is a vehicle with more modern facilities than a train. It is usually powered by electricity. It is used to decongest in places with a lot of traffic congestion, where traffic congestion is a daily occurrence in the city. Traffic congestion is also an everyday problem in Dhaka. It has been launched in Dhaka to decongest Dhaka city. Dhaka Metrorail is the 2nd most significant project of Bangladesh till 2023. Dhaka Metrorail is named Mass Rapid Transit. In short, it is called Emerty. It is of three types. Dhaka Metrorail is built on Udal Road. The Bangladesh government financed 25% and JICA 75% for its construction. Jarpid Transit manages this project. The construction work of Bangladesh Metrorail started on June 26, 2016. A railway line has been laid to move from Uttara Diabari in Dhaka to Motijheel. The length of metro rail from Uttara to Motijheel is 20.1 km. There are 16 stations on this long railway line. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated the Agargaon section on December 28, 2022, and the Agargaon section on November 4, 2023. For the convenience of passengers, each train will have six coaches, along with air conditioning. There will be separate compartments for women and men. 14 trains will run from Uttara to Motijheel. Nine hundred forty-two passengers can sit in each train, and 574 can stand there. 33 thousand 471 crore, 99 lakh taka, has been spent to build Bangladesh Metrorail. Bangladesh Metrorail has rooms with modern facilities. Each compartment is very spacious and air-conditioned. Chim Mariam Afiza is the first woman driver of Bangladesh Metrorail. Metrorail doors close and open automatically. The station’s name and warnings are announced before going to each station. Since its introduction in Dhaka city, people’s suffering has dramatically reduced. A two-hour journey is now possible in ten minutes because of the metro rail. It travels 32 km per hour and takes 38 to 40 minutes to reach the final destination. The government has taken measures so that passengers can take Metrorail services from any part of the city. The Bangladesh government will make Dhaka accessible by metro rail by 2025. Special security measures are in place to ensure that passengers do not face any problems. Everything in Metrorail is very modern. There is an e-ticketing system for metro rail travel. The minimum fare for metro rail travel is Tk 20, and the maximum is Tk 100. Metrorail comes every ten minutes for the convenience of commuters. 

metro rail pragraph | for all classes (500 Words)

Bangladesh continues to advance at an unstoppable pace on the development path, implementing one mega project after another. Metrorail is another hotly debated project after Padma Bridge, Karnaphuli Tunnel, and Rupur Permanib Power Station. Metrorail has emerged as a messiah to relieve the people of Dhaka city from the pain of unbearable jams. Metrorail is a fast, state-of-the-art transit system that usually connects commercial and populated areas in a town. In 2012, a strategic transport plan was formulated to reduce the increasing traffic problems and traffic congestion in the highly populated Dhaka metropolis, under which the metro rail was planned for the first time. On December 18, 2012, the Dhaka Metrorail project was approved in an ECNEC meeting. The project’s initial phase envisages the construction of 21.26 km long MRT Line 6 from Uttara to Motijheel. The total cost of Dhaka Metrorail is fixed at 33 thousand 472 crores. JICA will finance most of this expenditure, and the Bangladesh government will invest the rest. On June 26, 2016, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially inaugurated the construction work of the MRT-6 project. Through this, the construction work of Dhaka Metro started. The construction work of the project is divided into two phases. The 11.73 km section from Uttara to Agargaon was constructed in the first phase. The construction of the 9.53 km section from Agargaon to Motijheel is underway in the second phase. In a recent study. According to the survey, residents of Dhaka city spend an average of 32 minutes more in traffic daily. The study also says that traffic congestion in Dhaka causes a yearly loss of around 800 billion taka. These losses include production losses, labor wastage, fuel wastage, and health costs because of pollution. Dhaka Metrorail will be women-friendly, allowing passengers to travel safely and comfortably. Metrorail will have separate rooms for women, where women passengers can feel safe and comfortable. Among the various facilities of Dhaka Metrorail are special arrangements for persons with disabilities. Different types of advanced technologies have been used in Dhaka Metrorail. These technologies have helped to enhance Metrorail’s performance and passenger convenience. Dhaka Metrorail is expected to impact the country’s economy positively. Dhaka Metrorail will reduce traffic congestion. This will reduce fuel consumption, time loss, and pollution because of traffic congestion. As a result, the economy will be saved, and performance will increase. Dhaka Metrorail will reduce traffic congestion. This will reduce vehicle fuel consumption, time wastage, and pollution because of traffic congestion. As a result, air pollution and noise pollution will be reduced. It is expected that the traffic congestion problem of Dhaka will be reduced to some extent if the Dhaka Metrorail is launched. Metrorail is a fast and modern transport system. It will run over the main roads of Dhaka. As a result, Metrorail passengers can reach their destinations quickly and easily. Bangladesh is advancing at breakneck speed on the road to prosperity, and our dream metro rail project has accelerated this pace. The jam-packed city of Dhaka has already started reaping its benefits; if all the stations are operational, the quality of public life in Dhaka will improve, valuable working hours will be saved, and the metro rail will make Dhaka more livable.  

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