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price hike paragraph | pdf for All Class 

Price Hikes are one of the major problems of our country. Unusual and significant increase of price of goods known as Price Hike. Because of this, many people failed to fulfill their basic needs. Today we are going to read some organized and informative articles on Price Hike. 

price hike paragraph | for all class (100 Word)

Price hike is one of the major problems of our country. Day by day the price of goods and essentials is increasing rapidly. As a result, the life of poor and middle-class people became very hard. Most of the people failed to fulfill their one of most important basic needs. The relation between price and people’s life hood depend on each other. According to many alarming reports, babies are not getting proper food and nutrients. There are many direct and indirect reasons behind the price hike. The main culprit of this incident is poor supply chain and lack of communication. Corrupt business owners, disaster, and import problems are also proportionally responsible for Price Hike. If this continues, the life of poor purple will be more difficult. Our government and all stakeholders of the supply chain can play a vital role to stop Price Hike. 

price hike paragraph | for all class (200 Word)

Generally, an increase in the price of a product is called inflation. Unexpectedly, if the price of a commodity continues to rise, the life of the average person becomes difficult. So the problem of rising commodity prices has to be tackled. In today’s article, we are trying to discuss the causes and remedies of commodity price hike under the concept of “ price hike”. Rising commodity prices has become one of the regular news in Bangladesh. Every day when you open the newspaper, you see the news of rising commodity prices in front of your eyes. This is a huge problem in a country with a weak economy like Bangladesh – which is beyond the control of the government. Traders are increasing the price of various products for their own benefit. Once prices rise, they are out of control. Various government and private organizations are working on it, but the desired results are not available because of some limitations. The most important way to solve the problem of rising commodity prices is to suppress dishonest traders, syndicates, black market, corruption, etc. The administration should take all the solutions in this matter with a strict hand. I believe that this deadly disease of rising commodity prices can be controlled by fostering an attitude of cooperation between the people and the government.

price hike paragraph | for all class (300 Word)

The rise in prices of daily essentials is one of the most prominent problems in public life in recent times. The rise in prices creates a severe crisis when the life of the middle class and lower middle class of Djerba is plagued with many problems. If the purchasing power of the common man increases with the increase in commodity prices, then no problem arises. The effects of British exploitation and the false economy adopted by the British government to solve the immediate economic crisis remained intact in independent India. In some cases the effect became more dire. Especially backward economic symptoms such as inflation and devaluation of money were clearly seen. The statistics available on price index growth from 1962 to the present time show that the price index has almost never stabilized but has crossed recent all-time records. The main reason for the increase in commodity prices is that the disparity in wealth distribution in independent India cannot be eliminated. The country’s weak economy has become weaker because of numerous problems. Excessive population growth has repeatedly hit the stability of the production system. While there are economic plans, a lot of money has come into the hands of a few people, while the majority of the people in the country have lost their purchasing power. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. In post-independence India wealth inequality could not be eliminated. There has not been enough industrialization and agriculture has not improved enough. Employment is not enough and the number of unemployed is increasing. Besides, they are only more zealous for their own self-interest, giving all their attention to the profit-seeking black marketers. By hoarding daily necessities, they artificially create these products in the market and increase the prices of the products, looting more profits and throwing people into the darkness of miscreants.

price hike paragraph | for all class (400 Word)

Different types of products are constantly needed to survive in human life. According to the general rules of the social economy, people have to buy all those goods for a certain price. The price at which people buy any product is the price that people have to earn by their own ability. For that reason, if the price of a commodity goes beyond the hard-earned purchasing power of the common people, then the situation that arises is called commodity price increase. In almost all eras, inflation has been one of the most pressing problems of society. Rising prices in society is not a new problem. If we turn our eyes to history, we will see that in almost all eras, the prices of goods have fluctuated because of various reasons and appropriate measures have been taken by the concerned administration to deal with such situations. People in the society face the most difficulties in daily life because of the effect of an increase in the price of goods. It should always be remembered that people’s source of income i.e. the level of income does not always increase in line with the increase in commodity prices and in most cases it is limited. Because of this, if the price of daily necessities increases uncontrollably, they will soon be beyond the purchasing power of the common man. The rise in commodity prices has a huge impact on the national and international economy. In this context, it is necessary to mention that in our discussion article, repeated increase in the price of goods means an unbridled increase in the price of goods. Various initiatives have been taken at the national and international levels of various countries to control rampant commodity prices around the world. In this context, the market control initiative taken by Sultan Alauddin Khilji in medieval India is famous in history. In addition, the government of each country has taken various initiatives and enacted laws to ensure that the price of goods in their own country does not go beyond the purchasing power of the general public. Domestic, continental and various international organizations have been formed to stop the black market in the national and international spheres as well. These companies try to control the abnormal rise in commodity prices by countering the black market. Moreover, at present, the price of goods can be controlled by the joint initiative of conscious buyers and consumer protection departments of different countries. Abnormal rise in global commodity prices is a burning issue for common people. In order to eliminate this problem, national and international level initiatives are needed, as well as mass awareness is needed. If there is a total disappearance of human values ​​in the society, problems like the rise in commodity prices will soon be eliminated like many other problems.

price hike paragraph | for all class (500 Word)

Rising prices of daily necessities in our country is not hot news. Rather, these days it has become the news of daily life. People are struggling to meet their basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, education, medical etc. People’s appetite has increased especially to meet the demand for foodstuffs. Along with that, the pace of our social, national and economic life has come to a standstill. People use many items of daily life but do not make them themselves. They meet their daily needs by trading with each other. But nowadays the prices of daily necessities are increasing in such a way that it is going out of reach of people.  Currently, although the system of movement of goods in the world market is easy, the product market is not being created without complications. There are many reasons behind this rampant growth. As the pressure of inflation is not being managed, the price of daily commodities is also not being reined in. Inflation has been stuck around 6 percent for months. Because of this, ordinary people have to fight inflation while meeting the cost of living. The wage index and inflation are moving closer together. Bangladesh is a major country. 80% of the people of this country are dependent on agriculture. However, no steps are being taken to modernize agriculture. No strategy is adopted to increase agricultural production either. As a result, production is disrupted according to people’s needs and commodity prices are increasing day by day. Because of population growth in this densely populated country, arable land is gradually being destroyed and houses are being built there. As a result, production is decreasing and the availability of essential commodities is not ensured as per the demand of the people. So the prices are increasing. One reason for the increase in prices is the smuggling of daily necessities by unscrupulous traders for the sake of more money. Smuggling abroad creates food shortages and increases commodity prices. Because of the skyrocketing prices of inputs used in agricultural production, farmers cannot use the necessary inputs properly. As a result, production is disrupted. Again, because of lack of interest-free loans, production of many essential products is prevented. As a result, there is a shortage of daily necessities. As a result, commodity prices increase. Lack of market regulation, Political instability, Hoarder and syndicate violence and Effects of drought, flood etc are also responsible for the Price Hike. It is the duty of the government to keep the daily necessities within the purchasing power of the public. But that is often not possible. Once the price of a commodity rises, it is very difficult to reduce it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the price does not increase. Supply should be ensured according to demand by increasing production. Product pricing and market supervision should be arranged. The price list should be posted in every buying and selling center and sales should be ensured accordingly.  Apart from this, it will be possible to prevent the increase in the price of goods if we are vigilant about inflation, smuggling, hoarding, etc. Rising cost of daily life is one of our national problems. Keeping the prices of essential commodities stable is very important for a poor country like ours. Sometimes the government tries to stabilize the prices of various products by providing subsidies. However, the most effective way to stabilize commodity prices is to curb smuggling, hoarding and strict enforcement of laws. We will be freed from the rise in commodity prices only by remedying all the reasons that cause the rise in commodity prices. But if it is not possible to reduce the price of goods, government and private enterprises can keep it stable.

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