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padma bridge pragraph | pdf for All Class 

padma bridge paragraph

Bangladesh’s most considerable mega structure is the Padma Multipurpose Bridge. It is one of the most significant achievements of Bangladesh’s development. It faced many obstacles during the journey: finance was canceled by World Bank, technical issues, and Covid-19. Solving this issue now, the Padma Bridge opened and connected South Bengal to all over Bangladesh. It has a significant contribution to the economy and social fields. So, here we have come up with five different types of paragraphs on Padma Bridge. 

Padma Bridge paragraph | for all class (100 Word)

The mega project on the Padma River of Bangladesh connected 22 districts to the rest of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Honorable Prime Minister Shikh Hasina inaugurated it on June 24, 2022. After opening the bridge, it became the lifeline of Shout Bengal. Farmers can easily access the Dhaka market; many new industries are opening. Economists said it will contribute 1.2% of Bangladesh’s GDP. The largest bridge in Bangladesh’s total length is 6,150 meters, and its width is  18.18 meters. Because of changing costs several times, it took over thirty thousand crores to complete the mega project. World Bank and others may cancel the local issue of corruption. Then, Bangladesh could complete this project without any foreign aid. It has become the shining symbol of confidence, hope, and faith in Developing Bangladesh. 

the Padma Bridge paragraph | for all class (200 Word)

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh’s Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge on June 24, 2022. Now, it has become the lifeline of Shout Bengal, which is helping Dhakas RNG to export and import through the Mongla Sea Port easily. It reduces time and costs for many industries by escaping the Chittagong Sea Ports. Farmers can easily access the Dhaka market; many new industries are opening. Also, the tourism sector is boosting; several reports show that tourist spots like Sundarban, Shat Gambuj Masjid, and Kuyakata are getting more tourists. As a result, the local economy is also becoming healthy. According to the economist, this bridge contributes 1.2% of our country’s GDP. The largest bridge in Bangladesh’s total length is 6,150 meters, and its width is  18.18 meters, connecting 21 districts of south Bengal with the rest of Bangladesh. In addition, it has a 12 KM linked road on both sides. The bridge has a total of 41 spans on the river, and this is one of the deepest piles in the world. Making a bridge like a river Padma is challenging, So It took over thirty thousand crores to complete this project. It has two carriers: Motor vehicles and railways. Its construction started on November 26, 2014, and ends on June 23, 2022. Bangladesh could complete this project without any foreign aid when the World Bank and others may cancel the local issue of corruption. This project has become a sign of developing Bangladesh’s capability, which we are proud of. 

paragraph Padma Bridge | for all class (300 Word)

The Padma Bridge was inaugurated by the Honorable PM of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, on 24 June 2022. This bridge’s history began in 1971 when Japan submitted a feasibility test. After the liberation of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib took the Initiative to complete the project, but it paused his assassination. Then, in 1998, the project was resumed with his daughter; after all this complexity, this project started on 26 November 2014. The Padma Bridge has now become Shout Bengal’s lifeline. Dhaka RNG can easily export and import via the Mongla seaport. It has reduced the time and cost of many industries by getting them out of the hassle of going through the Chittagong seaports. It has made it easier for farmers to get into the Dhaka market. It has opened up many new industries. The tourism sector is also improving. According to several reports, tourist spots like Sundarban, Shat Gambuj masjid, kuyakata, etc., are receiving more tourists. The local economy is improving. The economist says this bridge contributes 1.2% of the country’s GDP. The Padma Bridge is the longest in Bangladesh, with four lenses. It has a total length of 6,150m, a width of 18.18m, and a height of 120. It connects 21 districts in South Bengal with the rest of the country. It has a 12km linked road on each side. The economic development in Bangladesh and the impact of Padma Bridge on the quality of life for billions of people is enormous. In addition, Padma Bridge will become one of the world’s most exciting and historic landmarks. The key to a prosperous economy is the Padma Bridge. Bangladesh has embarked on a new era. Last year, it collected approximately 800 crore TK by toll collection. Over 15000 vehicles cross the bridge daily. The Dhaka-Maowa-Bhanga Elevated Expressway project has initiated this to ensure road connectivity. Padma Bridge will be a beacon of hope, self-reliance, loyalty, and faith for the people of Bangladesh. 

padma setu paragraph | for all class (400 Word)

Bangladesh’s longest river bridge, Padma Setu, has connected 21 south districts with the rest of Bangladesh. It was opened by the prime minister Sheikh Hasina on June 25, 2022, after construction began in 2014. The journey of this bridge began with the birth of Bangladesh. In 1971, Japan completed a feasibility test. Then, after liberation, Sheikh Mujib tried to complete the project, but after his sad association and many initiatives, the construction began in the last decade. The length of this bridge is 6.15 km, and the width is 18.18 meters. It’s a multipurpose bridge because, in the top 4 lanes, the road and middle parts have a single-line railway. It faces many types of technical and financial difficulties after starting the project. When the World Bank closed the funds after the corruption allegation, the Bangladesh government decided to fund the project with its own money. The Padma River basin is too complex to construct, so it needs a 120-word record of the deepest piling. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic creates complexity in completing the project. Now, the dream has come true. Farmers of south Bengal get the right price by accessing the Dhaka market very fast. Many new industries and economic zones are created, and new industries are growing. Dhaka-based RMG sector and other industries can get rapid access to import and export by avoiding Chitaggon seaport using Mongla seaport. The tourism of south Bengal spatially on Sundarban, Bagerhat, and Kuyakata get reboots. Many new job sections opened by reducing the unemployment rate. According to the specialist, this bridge will adequately contribute to the total economy by 1.2%. Many new educational and health institutions will open very soon, which will help change South Bengal’s economy. After getting changed several times, its final cost was about 30 cores, and the Bangladesh Bridge Authority won the project. According to a report, 15000+ vehicles use this bridge daily, and it collects tolls near about 800 cores. The bridge was designed by AECOM and constructed by China Major Bridge Engineering Co. Ltd. This bridge is known as the Bridge of Dream because many said it was impossible to complete this project. But our dream has now come true. The Padma Bridge is also a landmark structure of Bangladesh’s infrastructure development. It also showcases Bangladesh’s Capabilities and hopes. Now, it has become a source of pride and treatment to the determination of our country. 

padma multipurpose bridge paragraph | for all class (500 Word)

The most prominent landmark achievement of Bangladesh road connectivity is the Padma Multipurpose Bridge. With a length of 6.15 kilometers, it is the largest bride in our country. It has a viaduct of 3.148 km and a 12 km approach road. There are 41 spans, 18.18 m width, and 120 m height. The total project cost was promptly 30,193 crore Taka. It connects Southwest 21 district with the capital, Dhaka, and the seaport Mongla. It has road and rail connectivity; four lenses and a single railway track exist. Another popular name for this bridge is ”Bridge of Dreams” because it was first introduced in 1971 by a feasibility test by Japan. But it took many years, and the construction started on 16 November 2014. By the beginning of the project, the World Bank canceled its loan deal because of corruption allegations. Then, the Bangladesh government decided to complete the project with the money it had won. Not only do these bridges face financial problems, but they also face many technical issues. Like Padma, the River basin could be better for making mega structures, so teams face many difficulties installing the spans. They use one of the biggest folding hammers to install the pile, one of the world’s most bottomless piles. Also, because of COVID-19, this project faces many problems: labor shortage, less supply, and others. Finally, on 25 June 2014, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Inaugurated the bridge and opened it to the public the next day. This bridge is owned by Bangladesh Bridge Authority and constructed by China Major Bridge Engineering Co. Ltd. After operating the bridge, it became a lifeline for South Bengal. Spatially, farmers get easy access to the Dhaka market and more profit. Local people now quickly get medical support and education by traveling to Dhaka. Using Mogla Sea Ports, RMG and other industries easily can import and export products. Many new economic zones are opening and creating more jobs. Tourist spots, spatially Sundarban, Shat Gambuj Mosjid, and Kuakata, are getting more tourists as a result of local economy boosting. Economists said this bridge would contribute 1.2% to the overall county GDP. During natural disasters, it will help to rapidly communicate and AIDS trafficking. Bangladesh government also completed the Dhaka-Mowa-Vanga Expressway project to make it more accessible. According to reports, every day, around 15,0000 vehicles use this bridge, but because of security, motorbike riding is banned. Last year, the toll collection was about TK8000 crore. Padma Setu is not only a concrete structure. It is the concrete determination of the Bengali nation. It is the symbol of our dignity and prosperity to achieve the nation’s goal. The Padma Bridge’s structure proves that Bangladesh is not a nation of poverty or a bottomless basket. Now Bangladesh can complete its dream by winning. The journey of Bangladesh will be a developed nation by 2040. To achieve this goal, our dreamiest Padma Setu will significantly contribute. 

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